Damaris  sarria
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april  05, 2011                
little theatre, lowell high school
   explore what you can do in aerospace !
About Damaris
Education: Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering (Texas A&M Univ.) & Masters in Aeronautical Science (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University) 
Work: Performs analysis and tests on satellites that operate in the extreme temperatures of space (MIT Lincoln Laboratory) 
Favorite book: The Existential Pleasures of Engineering, by  Samuel C Florman  
Favorite movie: Wall-E Favorite quote: Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment-Siddhartha Buddha
,  HOBBIES & Interests
Space Shuttle’s Thermal Protection System: Kennedy Space Center. 
Hiking, outdoors,working out, experimenting with different recipes ..
Space Program; One day becoming an astronaut;

Damaris Sarria aspired to be either an astronaut or work in the manned-spaceflight industry. Her aerospace career began in Houston, Texas for The Boeing Company on the International Space Station. After college, she transitioned to work on the Space Shuttle’s Thermal Protection System at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. She believes a successful career in engineering and science is achieved when one is excited to go to work and solve problems that impact our world. She attributes her success to being goal-oriented, communicating well with others, and being fearless about sometimes failing and having to fix unexpected problems. Ms. Sarria still aspires to be an astronaut. Visit her Blog!

Her Story....

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MIT Lincoln laboratory
Spacecraft Technology Center
Aerospace  Engineer