emily davis
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may  10, 2011                     8:15 - 9:05
little theatre, lowell high school
   meet a chemical engineer!
About emily
Education:UMass Lowell - Bachelors and Master's in Chemical Engineering
Work: Currently at Genzyme, a biotech company that specializes in treatments for rare disorders.  I work in the manufacturing facility in Allston, MA
-          Millipore (filtration company that services the biotech industry and other industries) as an intern
-          Germany at the University of Erlangen for 3 months as an intern
Favorite book: currently - water for elephants 
Favorite movie: too many to choose from 1
Favorite quote: Enjoy the scenery on the detour
HOBBIES, Interests & projects

Snowboarding, snowshoeing, yoga, camping, running, field hockey, gardening, cooking, hiking, reading, walking in the woods with my dog Hunter, painting and traveling
 Emily is interested in supporting volunteer programs that support education of under serviced areas and volunteer programs that promote environmental sustainability.  Emily has been a tutor for the past two academic years at the Tutoring Plus program that is partnered with the Cambridge Work Force program servicing Area 4 of Cambridge.  Emily also participates in Power Lunch, a program that partners adults working in the area with a student to read with once a week during the students lunch period to increase reading competency of first to third graders that may not have native English speakers at home or that need extra help with reading.  She also participates in Charles River clean ups sponsored by Genzyme.

Emily Davis, a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Lowell and UMASS Lowell Field Hockey Alum, is a native of the Boston area who joined Genzyme after completing her Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at Umass Lowell.  She started her career in Biotechnology while still a student at UMASS Lowell, studying how to cultivate genetically engineered E. coli bacterial cells and harvesting the supernatant for protein therapeutics.  As a student Emily interned at Millipore where she designed and executed experimental studies to help solve customer filtration problems and to help design filtration processes. While working on her master’s degree, Emily partnered with Millipore to design integrity tests that would be used to validate the effectiveness of new nanofiltration technologies.  During her time in Germany, Emily supported the development of a protein solubility characterization technique at the University of Erlangen.  At Genzyme, Emily has spent 4.5 years as a Process Engineer in the Manufacturing Technical Support group supporting downstream purification of Orphan Drugs known as Cerezyme, Myozyme, and Fabrazyme. In this role she is involved in continuous process monitoring, design and implementation of new equipment, implementation of process improvements, maintenance and troubleshooting of manufacturing equipment, and investigating and understanding impact of issues from the manufacturing floor.  Emily believes that a successful career in engineering and science is one where you have the freedom to express your ideas and effect change in the environment in which you work.  To be successful in the relatively young biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries it is essential to pursue continued learning to continuously bring current and best practices to your everyday responsibilities and to contribute to the growth of your company.  She attributes her success to hard work, building strong relationships with coworkers, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


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