naeem  hashmi
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may  03, 2011                     9:55 - 10:50
little theatre, lowell high school
   meet a nuclear physicist!
About naeem
Education:Bachelor of Science in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry.
Master of Science: Experimental Nuclear Physics from Univ. of Punjab, Pakistan.; Master of Science in Radiological Health and Environmental Sciences from Washington State University.
Work: Vice President, Knowledge Management & Informatics. Define strategies of how to manage health data and provide actionable information to our clinical staff to improve quality of life of our patients
Favorite book: The Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink. 
C Geography of Time by Robert V Levine 
Favorite movie: Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Favorite quote: I don’t know what I know until some one asks a question?
HOBBIES, Interests & projects
Culture-Language         Research.Developmental Psychology – Human behavior
Graduate Students - research program - Psyche-Mining. MIT Sloan CIO Symposium: Advisor and Judge for the CIO Award for Innovation and other Panels

Naeem Hashmi wanted to be a shepherd but grew-up to be a Nuclear Physicist  and ended up ‘herding’ the IT folks.  Naeem started his career in academia. Since then,  Naeem has been advising young ‘brains’ as well as seasoned professionals to develop their education roadmaps and career opportunities. Today,  no career is safe. You need to be on a constant lookout for what is happening around you and around the globe to stay one step ahead of the rest in never ending struggle for excellence.


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