The Society of Women Engineers at UMass Lowell

MISSION: The Mission of the Umass Lowell SWE Section is to further the academic and professional success and growth of females pursuing STEM fields. By partnering with alumni, companies, and community organizations, we will increase the value our members obtain from becoming involved. This may come in the form of mentorship programs, company tours, speakership series, corporate sponsorships and more!

The Society of Women Engineers is Dedicated to Four Main Pillars

Professional Development: Through professional development, members prepare for real life situations. From resume workshops to mock interview sessions, members strengthen the necessary skills they need to reach their potential, and become a competitive candidate when in search of their careers.

Outreach: Outreach allows members to expose middle school and high school students to new and interesting STEM topics that will increase the number of women pursing STEM fields. Hosting a Women in Engineering Luncheon for prospective students, volunteering at Girls, Inc. in Lowell, and showing local high school students what it's like to be an engineering student all help inspire the next generation of women in STEM.

Networking and Support: Having an entire network of supportive women behind us ensures that our members feel confident that they can succeed in this field. Through homework support, mentorship programs, stress relief meetings, and networking events with established alumni and local companies, SWE emphasizes that anything is possible.

Partnerships: Partnerships with established alumni, local companies, trade associations, and community organizations demonstrate how our community actively and visibly supports our members.

Our Objectives

The current female engineering student population at UMass Lowell is about 350 total students. SWE currently has 26 active members, and 137 members in its broader circle. Our goal at SWE is to increase our membership of all female students in the Francis College of Engineering and Kennedy College of Sciences. Additionally, we want to strengthen our alumni network by establishing a mentorship program, and to start a speaker series where alumni are invited to speak at SWE meetings several times per year. By increasing the number of external partnerships, SWE can also expand the variety of events it sponsors By achieving its goals, SWE will enhance the support it provides for its members at UMass Lowell, increase its capacity to advocate for females in STEM by expanding SWE's network, and attract more prospective students!


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Society of Women Engineers, UMass Lowell Section

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