Ann Chay




Elaine Silvana Vejar

Nicholas Misiunas

Mrs. Chay and Nicholas Misiunas will work together in two of Mrs. Chay's Pre-Calculus classes at the School of Performing and Fine Arts at Lawrence High School. Both classes are filled with very bright students and there are many who are in the Raytheon mentoring program.

Nicholas is involved in research in simulating queueing theory and experimenting with software defined radios. His background is in electrical engineering and because pre-calculus has a heavy emphasis on functions he is able to relate the material he is working on very closely with what the students are learning. He brings connections between the material they learn and applications in the real world. Getting them interested and involved in the sciences and engineering is an important goal.

This opportunity is highly exciting for the GK-12 fellow as he is able to hone his communication and teaching skills and be actively involved in a project that will positively impact the next generation of scientists and engineers.




For more information: Email: Kavitha Chandra
Falmouth 203, 1, University Ave. Lowell, MA 01854 Tel: (978) 934 3356
This grant is made possible by the National Science Foundation Award #: 0841392