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Molly Clay

Dr. William Jumper and GK-12 Fellow Molly Clay will be working together instructing two of Dr. Jumper's honors physics classes as well as an AP C Physics class at Lowell High School for the second year in a row. These three classes consist of 26, 19, and 14 students with mostly seniors and a handful of juniors.

This year's focus will be on integrating the computational software Matlab into the physics curriculum. In previous years Excel has been the modeling tool taught in Dr. Jumper's classes, but with STEM fields, in both academia and industry, using Matlab we will be taking this opportunity to teach students the power of Matlab.

Matlab will be used by individual students to perform both in-class and at-home modeling of various physics lab scenarios, and in longer term project modeling efforts wherein students will design and build physical systems exhibiting the principles under study. The computer based models will be used to analyze experimental or engineering design performance data and compare theoretical predictions to actual measurements.

The GK-12 Fellow program allows for a cross-over between the high school students and the graduate student. The high school students will be exposed to higher level research projects and tools with the intent of challenging them and helping to them to relate their high school physics curriculum to real world problems and applications. At the same time Ms. Clay will take the opportunity to improve her communication skills and her ability to explain her research work to a lower level audience.