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Ibhrahim Alshawabkeh

Ibhrahim Alshawabkeh

Eileen Montbleau has 3 Introductory Physics classes of approximately 25 students each that are involved in the GK-12 project: 2 college level and 1 honors level. The student body is heterogeneously grouped and diverse.

Eileen Montbleau and GK-12 fellow Joshua Mason will be working together in this environment with Mrs. Montbleau's classes.

The Science curriculum includes a variety of topics: Motion, Forces, Energy, Heat, Waves, Sound, Light, and Electromagnetism. Mrs. Montbleau uses a variety of resources and teaching strategies to teach these concepts. For example, she has had great success with Key 3 techniques and the John Collins approach.

In addition to their main classroom, the students have access to a full experimental lab and a computer lab. During the year, students do many hands-on lab activities to reinforce the content of the curriculum. The year is divided into 2 semesters and students are given the Science MCAS test in June.

The GK-12 program brings a wealth of scientific research related experience into the classroom in the form of laboratory demonstrations and labs gleaned from Joshua's experience and university supplies and resources. This collaboration provides further enrichment for Mrs. Montbleau's students as well as giving Joshua experience in communicating complex scientific ideas in accessible ways.