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Review Functions and Variables

Physics, Math, Engineering

Review of operators, mathematical operations,functions and variables.


Physics, Math, Engineering

This module provides an overview of how to create and manipulate vectors in R, as well as how to do element by element mathematics. .

Vectors Cont'd

Physics, Math, Engineering

This unit provides a review of the concepts relating to vectors. In addition, the file management system is examined to provide deeper understanding of the relationship between vectors,variables and values.

Hard Water

Physics, Math, Engineering

Background knowledge necessary to understand what hard water is, where it comes from and why we're concerned with it. Additionally, it provides the underlying concepts necessary to subsequently perform the hard water lab.

Hard Water Lab

Physics, Math, Engineering

Prelab, lab procedure and data analysis associated with the hard water lab. Students carried out a scavenging reaction, with a dye used to indicate the extent of reaction, in order to understand how one can measure the concentration of minerals in a sample of water.

Program Structure, Good Practices and First Program

Physics, Math, Engineering

By combining the coding techniques covered in the past with the good programming practices covered in this lesson, Students were ready to tackle their first program that relates to Environmental Science.Students simulated the exponential growth model.