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Taoufik Nabat

Taoufik Nabat

Teaching in the building where Jack Kerouac attended high school, in a community of 3,500 students, Lowell High School has a richness of both history and diversity. Dennis Plourde's classes are a reflection of those qualities; it is not unusual to have first and second generation students from ten or more countries in a class.

Dennis Plourde and GK-12 fellow Joshua Mason will be working together in this environment with two of Mr. Plourde's Introductory Physics classes.

The classroom is part lab, part classroom and the students have additional access to a full experimental lab and a computer lab. In order to meet the needs of such a diverse population of students Mr. Plourde and Taoufik present physics as a multi-faceted discipline, utilizing different media, labs, a variety of sources for content, and multiple approaches to the same topic.

The GK-12 program brings a wealth of scientific research related experience into the classroom in the form of laboratory demonstrations and labs gleaned from Joshua's experience and university supplies and resources. This collaboration provides further enrichment for Mr. Plourde's students as well as giving Taoufik experience in communicating complex scientific ideas in accessible ways.