Matthew Jacques




Elaine silvana vejary

Elaine silvana vejar

Matthew Jacques has been teaching at the Performing & Fine Arts (PFA) High School at Lawrence High School since September 2008. He has taught all levels of Physics from the 9th grade all the way up to advanced placement. GK-12 fellow, Elaine Vejar has been working in Mr. Jacques classes for two years.

Currently, four of Mr. Jacques classes participate in the GK-12 program, two Physics First and two Foundations of Physics classes. Physics First is an introductory course geared towards students in the 9th and 10th grades, while Physics Foundations is a course mainly for upperclassmen.

The main focus of our program is for Elaine to share with students her research in ultrasonics at the same time as she improves her communication skills. Mr. Jacques closely works with Elaine to plan interactive lessons that are suitable for the diverse student body at the PFA School.




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This grant is made possible by the National Science Foundation Award #: 0841392