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Patrick Morasse




Megha Sunny

Megha Sunny

Mr. Morasse is a third year participant in the GK-12 program. He is a sixth year teacher, as well as a UMass Lowell graduate with degrees in mechanical engineering and mathematics. At Lowell High School, he has taught various levels of algebra and physics.

This year his honors level algebra students and college algebra students will benefit from the GK-12 experience. Along with graduate fellow Megha Sunny, he will be working hard to integrate science, engineering, and technology into the curriculum.

The first goal is focused on awareness and letting his students know that there are many applications for the algebra they are learning. Mr. Morasse notes that Megha has a great deal to offer his class by sharing her research and knowledge on a level that the students are ready to understand. He expects their lessons to be interactive, using programs that students would not otherwise see. He feels that a hands-on experience will keep students interested and lead to better understanding of the topics covered.