Dr. Zhaohui Yan




Pratik Gandhi

Dr. Zhaohui Yan holds PhD in Chemistry from Wesleyan University at Middletown, Connecticut. Her passion toward teaching led her to Gardner High School, where she teaches AP Chemistry, AP Physics, Honors Physics, Honors Chemistry and College Prep Physics.

This year Dr. Yan is working with NSF GK-12 Fellow Pratik Gandhi in Honors Physics and College Prep Physics classes. Both classes have mostly juniors and a few seniors. These students are interested in variety of fields such as sound production, teaching, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, sports science, economics, business, music, archeology, graphic design, engineering, law etc. These students are active, energetic, and excited to learn new materials. Dr. Yan and Pratik are going integrate topics from Pratik’s research with Physics curriculum to educate students with real life examples. They will be coming up with experiments regarding electricity and magnetism, and will use MATLAB as a tool for students to have better understanding of a specific topic.

Dr. Yan got my BS in Chemistry at Beijing Medical University in China and my PhD in Chemistry at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. Dr. Yan is currently teaching AP chemistry (12 seniors, one junior), AP Physics (11 seniors), Honors Physics (20 juniors and 3 seniors), honors Chemistry (1 junior and 14 sophomores) and College Prep Physics (12 juniors and 1 senior).